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No Legal Advice

This web site does not constitute legal advice in any form, but instead provides generalized information only. Read the web site and interpret the contents at your own risk and peril.

The facts of your case and applicable law may be unusual or fall into a specific category that would render a completely different outcome or situation than the information on this web site might suggest in your mind.

As such, no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of information on this web site, or the applicability of any of the information to you or your situation.

Although it is the goal to provide useful general information and update this web site as new laws and cases develop, no warranty results. Any use by you, or reliance upon by you, of any of the information on this site is at your sole risk and peril. Steve Roberts assumes no liability for errors, omissions or inaccuracies of any nature or kind.

A new law or case may now be effective that results in a completely opposite outcome than one would expect. An attorney must be contacted and become fully familiar with your case against the backdrop of current law before any legal advice can be dispensed to you.

No Representation Unless Written Contract Signed

E-mails letters, and/or calls or messages from you do not form an attorney-client relationship. Steve Roberts does not represent you unless you meet with him in person and sign a written contract formally retaining Steve Robert's law firm.

Conflicts of Interest Concerns

As a general rule, lawyers cannot take a case if it is against or adversely involves a former client and information about that former client could be used against them. As such, do not send any confidential information, documents or any other items until you have signed a contract and formally retained Steve Roberts's law firm and a conflicts check has been completed to make sure there is not a conflict caused by representing you.

Hiring an attorney is a very important decision. It is recommended that you meet any attorney you plan to hire in person and spend an adequate amount of time in an initial consultation to decide if you would be happy with that attorney.

Free initial consultations are available to accommodate you and help you decide in person as to whether you want to retain Steve Roberts.

No Implication of Specialization or Certification

Listings and information of areas of expertise do not imply or express that Steve Roberts is a specialist, board certified specialist, or expert in any particular area of law.

Solicitation for Business / Clients Limited to Louisiana Only

Steve Roberts is licensed to practice law within the State of Louisiana only. Therefore, this web site and its contents are not intended to be solicitations for legal work or to provide information to those located outside of the State of Louisiana, or who have claims or potential claims pending outside of the State of Louisiana.

The rules of ethics that govern lawyers requires that lawyers be licensed to practice in every state of which they intend to practice law or dispense legal advice, etc. Thus, please be advised that Steve Roberts is licensed only within the State of Louisiana, but within the State of Louisiana is licensed to practice in all State and Federal Courts located therein.

Web Site Design and Content is Owned by Steve Roberts

The images, text, content, format, design, and all other material (collectively referred to as "Content") belongs to Steve Roberts and may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, or otherwise used without written permission by Steve Roberts.


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